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Yvette Loynaz
Artistic and General Director


Meet Bang-up! Opera’s Artistic and General Director, Yvette Loynaz. No stranger to arts administration and management, Yvette founded Bang-up! Opera to create opera in a new and transformative way, making it accessible and fun to a new generation of opera audiences.

Bang-up! Opera’s mission (“To have fun with opera… seriously.”) supports a brand of opera making 2.0 that opens the art form to limitless possibilities, breaking down opera stereotypes and adding a personal brand of spice, innovation, and creativity to centuries of tradition.

In 2012, Bang-up! Opera was born as a way to reach and attract new audiences to opera by offering performances in a non-traditional and accessible way. Yvette combined her *superpowers* of dynamic arts leader, rock star organizational and administrative skills, passionate community builder, and non-stop idea machine to become the company’s first Artistic and General Director for this inventive and fast-growing opera troupe of international, multi-cultural performers. Bang-up! Opera has attracted new, young, old, and expert audiences alike. Opera is not only fun, it’s for everyone!

Bang-up! Opera creates opportunities for local singers, directors, and musicians to do what they love with the encouragement of artistic and creative freedom. Freeing up and finding your artistic self is something Bang-up! Opera believes in wholeheartedly and fosters in each ensemble performer. As the head of this fresh, innovative opera troupe, Yvette has worn several hats in the areas of marketing, web and print design, stage directing, public relations, and writing, to name a few, in building a brand of opera for a new generation. Today, Bang-up! Opera’s success and presence continues to grow in Europe, the United States, and Mexico, with troupe member numbers and productions growing each season.


Music Director

Wouter Vande Ginste

Managing Director
Bruno De Canne