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Bang-up! Opera: A Pop-Up Opera Theater Troupe

IMG_20141112_195359_2A pop-up opera theater troupe of professional international singers and musicians, Bang-up! Opera is popping up all over town, taking over theaters, street corners, with fresh and in-your-face productions just steps from the audience. Since founded in 2012, Bang-up! Opera has quickly gained acclaim as one of the hottest troupes in town, bringing their own season of themed programs to chamber versions of full operas, this troupe is engaging a new audience into the world of opera with every performance, bringing opera to audiences in a non-traditional, up-close, and accessible way. Nothing conventional, nothing traditional, everything’s possible!

Performers with Bang-up! Opera have come from all over the world, including Belgium, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, Norway, UK, Russia, Serbia, India, Thailand, USA, México, Bolivia, Columbia, & the list keeps growing!

Find out more about our Bang-up! Opera performers at Meet the Troupe Singers, Intstrumentalists, and Creatives.



Bang-up! Opera: Fearlessly moving forward,
transforming the face of opera as we know it!

Bang-up! Opera: Where the Magic Happens