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Bij’ De Vieze Gasten and “I’ll take a Don Alfonso, please.”

Our almost-2-month hiatus from the stage has had us busier than ever, but in a different way then we’re used to—meeting with venue owners, cooking up new partnerships, planning future productions, meanwhile continuing to perform as […]

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Goodbye, Operabar.

It’s been about a month since we found out our regular Bang-up! Opera spot, the Operabar In de Pauze in Gent, had officially closed its doors. For us, the Operabar was a special place. Not only […]


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Bang-up! Opera’s Website is Here!

Six months after our debut and Bang-up! Opera’s website is here! OK, so there’s still a lot of work ahead to get it where we ultimately want it to be, but it’s not our style to […]