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Bang-up! Opera Feestje 2013

It’s Gentse Feesten time! For those who may not know what that means, here’s a bit of Ghent trivia. Gentse Feesten is an annual music and theater festival held in Ghent, Belgium, during Belgium’s national holiday, 21 July. The first of its kind was held in 1843, but we’re guessing it’s changed quite a bit since then. Today, tons of people (1.2 million and counting) travel to Ghent from all over the world to join in on the festivities and endless parties hitting every corner of the city. Artists, performers, dancers, theater folk, and artisanal beer sellers of all kinds jump at the chance to reach audiences from all over. Entertainers hit the stage, streets, and canals (yes, even the canals!) to perform till the sun comes up for 10 days straight. Street music, live music, actors, comedians, puppeteers, plus acts you can’t even begin to imagine, fill the streets and venues of Ghent in this mother-of-all-festivals, this one time a year. It’s a string of loud, friendly, boisterous parties, drinking and dancing on the streets, and music in every square. Clearly, Bang-up! Opera couldn’t miss out on all the fun and camaraderie this Ghent tradition brings. So, we decided to throw our very own Gentse Feesten to celebrate the music we love—OPERA! Coming to you each night of the Gentse Feesten, every night at Huset (sponsored by Quatre Mains Piano Centrum), a cozy hideout from the loud and crowded scene at Gentse Feesten, is Bang-up! Opera Feestje: 10 day festival of musical soirées! Every night something completely different. Every night a classy soirée to celebrate culture and the arts happening in Ghent. Check out the line-up and reserve your tickets today! Festival passes also available for pre-order for a very sweet discount! Contact info@bangupopera.com to find out how to get your hands on one of these hot passes and for more information in general. Also featured during Bang-up! Opera Feestje is Huset’s Local Artist Exhibition, featuring works of local Ghent artists. Doors open at 19:00 each night and all are welcome to come early to check out this special Gentse Feesten exhibit!

Tickets, 10€ each night (Students, 7€ )
Festival mini-pass (5 concerts) 35€ 
Festival full pass (10 concerts) 50€
Individual tickets available at the door, one hour before each concert.
Festival passes available for pre-order till 19 July. You can pick them up at the door at the start of the festival.


Bang-up! Opera Feestje Line-up!

(All shows start at 20:00, Doors open at 19:00)


Saturday 20 July: Grand Opera Night II

Grand Opera Night IIBang-up! Opera’s much-loved Grand Opera Night gets an upgrade in this new version Grand Opera Night II. More of opera’s greatest and favorite hits presented in the same Bang-up! Opera style. In what’s become a Bang-up! Opera tradition, there’s nothing ordinary about this program. Together, the arias make up a new story to intrigue our opera loving fans. The story’s always changing, so make sure to catch this special Gentse Feesten debut of Grand Opera Night II!






Sunday 21 July: FADO

Bang-up! Opera: FADO Portuguese beauty and Lisbon native Soprano Liliana Sebastião, together with the creative arranging and pianistic talents of Pianist Pau Baiges, have created a uniquely authentic program of Fado music that brings Lisbon to your doorstep. A tradition dating back to 1800′s Lisbon, FADO is a tribute to the music and the city where it was born, Lisbon. Liliana introduces us to our neighbohood fadista with her tales of love and loss, her humor and sadness, embodying the soul of Fado. The tradition of story-telling becomes clear as we listen to neighborhood gossip and stories inspiring this fadista’s song. The melancolia, the longing, the strains of broken-hearted melodies, the ability to laugh in the midst of despair, the sounds of the sea, the heart of Lisboa: FADO.

  Monday 22 July: Portrait of a Woman

Bang-up! Opera: Portrait of a Woman LiederabendA recital inspired by the life of Clara Schumann featuring the music of Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms, Franz Liszt, and more. Soprano Joanne D’Mello sings a beautifully inspired recital about the great pianist and composer, Clara Schumann. Revealing bits of Clara’s life in song and text through the music of the men in her life, this uniquely staged drama of both song and monologue creates a intimate portrayal of an extraordinary woman. 

Tuesday 23 July: Lieder-feestje

Bang-up! Opera presents Lieder-feestje (Lieder Party), a celebration of the art of song and recital. Our singers and pianists present their very own mini-recitals showcasing gems of the Lieder repertoire. Be ready to experience the magic of a traditional Liederabend in its natural setting of Huset’s 19th century charm in our tribute to song, Lieder-feestje!

Wednesday 24 July: Swaranjali: A Musical Tribute to India (Premiere!)

Meaning “tribute” in Sanskrit, Swaranjali brings hits of Bollywood, traditional Indian folk tunes, and more, creating something entirely new, fresh, and exciting in this musical hommage to India. Bringing Indian and Goan Soprano Joanne D’Mello, alongside the musical stylings of Spanish Pianist Pau Paiges, and Belgian-Italian Tabla Player Carlo Strazzante to present a program inspired by the sights and sounds of India. Premiering in Bang-up! Opera Feestje and programmed in this year’s upcoming Euporalia India in December 2013!

Thursday 25 July: ‘Une triste figure’ (Don Quichotte)

Don Quichotte: Une triste figure In some part of La Mancha, of La Francha, or in any part of the known world, continuously born and dying day after day are sad Figures with illusions, dreams and frustrations. We are the principal source of joys, pains, “loves without flavour” ; we fight against mentalities, against philosophies, we defend what seems right as we fight for what seems wrong. To whom do we give reason? Who is really right? Can one fellow change the life of another? Who is the most idle, the one who goes mad fighting for an idea, for one love, or the one who goes mad killing the other ones madness? Each has his own answer. We apologize to Mister Saavedra for bastardising his story a little, we also ask Mister Ibert forgiveness for interrupting his song cycle, as well as the respected Mister Ravel, but sometimes indolence breeds results: Une triste figure. Emilie Lauwers (visual artist/concept) Christian Luján (baritone/concept) Pablo Garcia-Berlanga (piano) Watch the Trailer for ‘Une triste figure’!:

Friday 26 July: FADO

Bang-up! Opera: FADO

Saturday 27 July: ¡Viva la música!

Bang-up! Opera: ¡Viva la música!Tenor Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa alongside his best friend and Latinoband mate all the way from Norway’s ChiWahWah come together to create a tropical Latin-infused night of the best hits and classics of the Latin-American song list! Bolivian pianist and arranger, José Eduardo Flores brings his background of salsa, cumbia, gospel, and more to spice up Ghent for a couple of nights in our Bang-up! Opera Feesten.

Sunday 28 July: Tangolero

José Eduardo Flores is back in Ghent, and that means another night of Latin-American hits, but this time we bring you the passion and heat of tangos and boleros on this last double-header night of Bang-up!’s Gentse Feesten. Featuring a dashing pair of Latino-American songbirds, Mexican Tenor Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa and Columbian Baritone Christian Luján with an equally dashing Bolivian on the ivories. Come be romanced and entranced by this night of Latin-American song.

Sunday 28 July: MIDNIGHT IN GHENT (A Midnight Masquerade Party!)

Who’s in the mood for stepping back in time with opera and masks? We are! It’s a midnight ball in Ghent, y’all! Come out and celebrate our last big hurrah in our Bang-up! Opera Feestje in our very own ‘Midnight in Ghent’ (maybe you’ve heard of the movie set in another cool city?!)! Be whoever you want to be and join the soirée! There will be opera singers, masks, cava, and more! Concert starts at midnight and the rest… we’ll just have to wait and see!

Bang-up! Opera Feesten 2013 Artists

Joanne D’Mello, Soprano (India) Liliana Sebastião, Soprano (Portugal) Yvette Loynaz, Mezzo-Soprano (USA) Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa, Tenor (Mexico) Alexey Kokhanov, Baritone (Russia) Christian Luján, Baritone (Columbia) Charles Dekeyser, Bass (Belgium) Caroline James, Piano (Belgium/UK) José Eduardo Flores, Piano (Bolivia) Pablo García-Berlanga, Piano (Spain) Pau Baiges, Piano (Spain) Carlo Strazzante, Tabla (Belgium/Italy) Emilie Lauwers, Visual Artist (Belgium)

Sponsored by Huset & Quatre Mains Piano Centrum.

Quatre Mains Gent