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7 concerts in 7 days!

Our 2nd annual Bang-up! Opera Feestje has arrived, featuring music from around the globe with art song and Lieder, jazz, Indiefolk, Turkish & Kurdish songs, French melodie, plus one night dedicated to the music of gay classical composers and artists, one night inspired by la vie bohémienne, and a Latin night filled with hits and original compositions by some of our very own artists.

For ticket and programming information for Bang-up! Opera Feestje @Gentse Feesten 2014, email us or follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Reservations now open at info@bangupopera.com.

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Bang-up! Opera Feestje Line-up!

(All shows start at 20:00, Doors open at 19:00)

Tickets, 10€ each night (Students, 5€ )
Festival mini-pass (3 concerts) 21€ 
Festival full-pass (7 concerts) 35€

Monday 21 July: Liederfeestje

LiederfeestjeBang-up! Opera presents Liederfeestje, a celebration of the art of song and recital. Bang-up! Artists and guests present their very own mini-recitals showcasing gems of the Lieder repertoire. Be ready to experience the magic of a traditional Liederabend in its natural setting of Huset’s 19th century charm in our tribute to song, Liederfeestje!

Tuesday 22 July: Jazz/Indiefolk Night



Wednesday 23 July: Mustafa

Mustafa AydinMeet Mustafa Aydin, one of our dear Vieze Gasten friends and fellow expat musicians from Elbistan, Kahramanmaraş (Turkey), who landed in Ghent long ago and has been sharing the dulcet and soulful music of his homeland with fellow Gentenaars ever since. Prepare yourself for a one-of-a-kind program of traditional Turkish & Kurdish songs, Turkish protests songs, and something totally different as Mustafa teams up with Bang-up! Artists and brings this multi-cultural group and their talents together with the one language that needs no translator: music.

Thursday 24 July: Femmes Fatales

C’est Paris, mon cherie! To celebrate all things French melodie, we bring ‘Femmes Fatales’, offering everything that is romantic, sexy, and heart-wrenching of French poetry and song. Featuring the music of Debussy, Satie, Ravel, and more, two sopranos tell their tales through their melodie. Also on the menu, and not to be missed, is a special 4-hand piano arrangement of Ravel’s ‘La valse’. Take the journey with us as we transport from Gent to a dark cozy Parisian café with these two sexy young Parisian femmes and their tales of woe and love.

Friday 25 July: Pride Night

pride nightWe’re coming OUT AND PROUD for this fabulous night celebrating the music of gay classical composers and artists! Even though these composers span the centuries and the globe, they are all connected. Whether they struggled with their sexual identities, remained private or public about their love life, it was one aspect of who they were that undoubtedly found a voice in their masterpieces. The list may surprise you, or excite you, but it will definitely make for the most interesting night, bringing together the music of Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Bernstein, Barber, and more.

We dedicate this night to our contemporary (and of years gone by) gay artists and friends, who make (have made) the world brighter and better for being in it, and most of all for the universal right and freedom to love whomever you choose. 

mauricio_dancesSaturday 26 July: Bohemian Night

Bohemian style, baby! This night is all about la vie bohémienne and the music it has inspired. Featuring music by Puccini, Charpentier, and MORE PUCCINI, get ready to live it up with our Bang-up! Bohemians with some of that care-free, living for love and art, adventurous spirit!

Sunday 27 July: Latin Night

Come on, shake your body baby, do it LATIN STYLE! We’re back with our famous Latin Night, featuring all the standards, hits, and original compositions by our very own Latin contingency right here in Gent. It’s our last night, and we’re going out with a BANG!

Bang-up! Opera Feestje 2014 Artists

Amalia Avilán, Soprano (Columbia)

Annelies Van Hijfte, Soprano (Belgium)

Jolien De Gendt, Soprano (Belgium)

Yvette Loynaz, Soprano (USA)

Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa, Tenor (Mexico)

Alexey Kokhanov, Baritone (Russia)

Caroline James, Piano (Belgium/UK)

Faik Kocabey, Guitar (Turkey)

Pablo García-Berlanga, Piano (Spain)

Irene Renart, Piano (Spain)

José Eduardo Flores, Piano (Bolivia)

Mustafa Aydin, Voice/Saz (Turkey)

Gentrifuge (Gent, Belgium)

The Salesman Who (Gent, Belgium)


(Updated on 14 July 2014)

Sponsored by Huset & Quatre Mains Piano Centrum.

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