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Bang-up! Opera’s ‘La Bohème’

April is here and that means staging rehearsals begin for Bang-up! Opera’s next chamber opera adventure, and it’s a bohemian rhapsody all the way. There’s less than a month to go for Bang-up! Opera’s La Bohème to premiere! With creativity, talent, and passion fueling us forward to create OPERA MAGIC!

Discovering La Bohème 

Inspired by the work of UK-based grafitti artist and political activist Banksy, our Bohème tells Puccini’s much-loved tale of love, loss, and what happens next, through the eyes of modern day street artists. Using video graphics and drawings to bring the scene to life, it’s a Bohème for today, and you won’t want to miss it!



Led by Imagineer Stage Director Vincent van den Elshout, our Bohème brings together Artistic Advisor Ronny Lauwers, Head Scenographer Emilie Lauwers, Resident Assistant Saskia Bonarius, Digital Designer Jasper Toeli, First Inspicient Bo van Vliet, Costumes by Leentje Kerremans, and Surtitler Johan Wijnants as our artistic team. The musicians bringing Puccini’s score to life are Pianists and Coaches Caroline James and Pablo García-Berlanga and Violinist Dejana Sekulic, alongside our stellar cast with Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa (Rodolfo), An De Ridder (Mimí), Bruno De Canne (Marcello), Yvette Loynaz (Musetta), Alexey Kokhanov (Schaunard), Peter van Lierde (Colline), and Thomas Mürk (Benoit/Alcindoro), led by Caroline James (Piano) and Dejana Sekulic (Violin) as the orchestra.

We’re incredibly lucky to have this team of artists and musicians come together for the reward of paving a new path for opera. And, with Vincent leading the way, it’s a home run in the making!

Opera can be relevant, can be real, and the proof is in this production!

Don’t miss out on the Bohème magic, coming to life on 16 (20.30u) & 18 (15.00u) May at De Vieze Gasten in Gent.

Reservations now open and can be made online! Click here to see the programming and click the ® to submit your reservation today! As a first running preview of this production, seats are limited and going fast !

Bang-up! Opera’s Bohème brings opera to life…

First Sketches by Emilie Lauwers, Head Scenographer

Emilie Lauwers and Jasper Toeli will team up to bring video graphics and drawings to life to create the scenery for this modern day Bang-up! Bohème.

‘Bohème’ Performances

Friday 16 May 2014 @20:30u and Sunday 18 May 2014 @15:00u

De Vieze Gasten, Haspelstraat 31, 9000 Gent

Reserve online or email your reservation to dvg@deviezegasten.org.

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