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Are you ready for the opera ride?

This Saturday 10 May 2014, Bang-up! Opera is doing what we love to do – bringing opera to the people! Bang-up! Opera singers and friends are the performers for this year’s European Opera Days, hosted by La Monnaie De Munt in Brussels. Opera singers will take on public transport and hit the trams, metro, and buses, bringing surprise ‘flash mob’ performances to (un)suspecting passengers this Saturday in Brussels! Singing music of the composers from La Monnaie De Munt’s upcoming season – Handel, Mozart, Verdi, R. Strauss, Schubert, and even Björk! The mission is to get opera to the people, as well as promote La Monnaie’s 2014-2015 season which promises to be as innovative, creative, and fantastic as ever!

Thank you to La Monnaie De Munt (and José Villalobos, Coordinator Cultureel Empowerment, La Monnaie, for all the organization!) for inviting us for this exciting and not-so-traditional day of OPERA! We can’t wait!

Grab a tram, train, or bus, and get a first-hand experience of opera up close and personal – Bang-up! style.

Meet the singers (and pianist) you’ll hear throughout the day!

Ann De Winter (S)

Annelies Van Hijfte (S)

Crystel Benton (S)

Gwendoline Spies (S)

Katrien Nauwelaerts (S)

Laurence Servaes (S)

Mariana Castello-Branco (S)

Nicola Mills (S)

Tatiana Irizarry (S)

Trien Cornelis (S)

Yvette Loynaz (S)

Sandra Paelinck (M)

Jorge Carlo Sandoval Moreno (T)

Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa (T)

Bruno De Canne (B)

Caroline James (Piano)


We also spent a fantastic day with La Monnaie staff to create these super cool teasers for this event, and here are the results! Pretty cool, huh?


Promotional teaser with Soprano Yvette Loynaz

European Operadays teaser 1 from La Monnaie / De Munt Opera House on Vimeo.


Promotional teaser with Soprano Tatiana Irizarry

European Operadays teaser 2 from La Monnaie / De Munt Opera House on Vimeo.


Promotional teaser with Tenor Mauricio Villanueva Espinosa

European Operadays teaser 3 from La Monnaie / De Munt Opera House on Vimeo.