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Meet our Bang-up! Artists

Our second season is here and it’s gonna be one for the history books, with new productions, new artists, more opera, and more creativity and collaborations coming up!

This winter season, look out for new pub projects like S/HE, a Marlene Dietrich inspired night featuring repertoire of trouser roles and songs usually sung by men, sung by women. Then there’s our new Naked Recital Series (not that kind of naked!), where we strip down the art of recital to it’s simplest form and step back as the composer, the poet, and the music take center stage. Ti Amo, a Vincent van den Elshout original, has also joined the Bang-up! Opera repertory! What better way to experience classical music than with a bunch of singing clowns?

The spring and summer also hold some enticing new productions like our next opera, La Bohème, directed by Vincent van den Elshout and performed in our favorite Brugse Poort hang out, De Vieze Gasten. Plus, some creatively intriguing pub projects all coming to our Gent home-away-from-home, Huset. Projects to look forward to include QU4RTET, Les lettres de Werther, La Divina, and, for all you Latin music lovers, Una noche de amor! Dates and details of these projects coming soon, but it’s safe to say it’s a busy and happy season for us and we can’t wait to kick it off this November!

Bringing you more personalized projects, ensemble creativity, and as always, more of that Bang-up! Opera magic!

Bang-up! Opera: Ti Amo

We are thrilled to announce some new (and some already familiar) Bang-up! Opera faces joining us this season!


An De Ridder, Soprano 

Nicola Mills, Soprano

Alexey Kokhanov, Baritone

Christian Luján, Baritone

Caroline James, Piano 

Pablo García-Berlanga, Piano

Erwin Muller, Clarinet

Emilie Lauwers, Visual Artist

Benoît De Leersnyder, Director

Vincent van den Elshout, Director


We’re growing strong and lovin’ it! Watch out for these artists (and more reveals) in upcoming Bang-up! Opera pub projects, CC events, and stage productions. And, for those who missed our ‘Così fan tutte‘ this September, it’ll be back soon! Stay tuned for more good news on this front coming up later in the season. PLUS, A NEW THEATER COLLABORATION to be revealed soon!

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Find out more about Bang-up! Opera’s current singers, instrumentalists, and creatives under Meet the Troupe on our Bang-up! Opera website!

[Ti Amo Photo by Emilie Lauwers]