. Bang-up! Opera at a Glance

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Ti Amo

Bang-up! Opera: Ti AmoOpera, musical theater, Lieder and clowns! Bang-up! Opera brings opera and traditional classical music to life in the least expected way possible! Watch as opera singers take on acrobatics, mime, and the best kind of clowning around to present to you this one-of-a-kind opera going, and watching, theatrical experience!

Ti Amo features music that spans the genres with everything from classical to jazz, and the one thing in common is LOVE.

Get ready for the most fun, unexpected, and heartwarming experience you’ll get from a night (or afternoon) at the opera!

Staging & Concept by Dutch Stage Director Vincent van den Elshout.

 Photos provided by Emilie Lauwers.

‘Ti Amo’ (all ages)

Filmed on 12 February 2012 at the Flanders Operastudio in Ghent, Belgium. 
Video footage provided by Peter van Lerberghe.

Filmed on 29 December 2014 at the Spekken Festival in Ghent, Belgium. 
Video footage provided by Rudi Huys.